Corporate Structure

  • Hilltop Holdings Inc. (TX) - Bank
    • PlainsCapital Corporation (TX) - Bank Holding Company
      • PlainsCapital Bank (TX) - Commercial Bank
        • PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company (TX) - Mortgage Bank
        • PlainsCapital Securities, LLC (TX) - Broker-Dealer
        • PrimeLending Ventures, LLC (TX) - Mortgage Bank
    • First Southwest Company, LLC (TX) - Broker-Dealer
    • First Southwest Asset Management, LLC (TX) - Asset Manager
    • FSW Advisory Services Inc. (TX) - Asset Manager
    • Hilltop Securities Independent Network Inc. (TX) - Broker-Dealer
    • Hilltop Securities Inc. (TX) - Broker-Dealer
Companies included are those that are actively covered by SNL. The Parent/Subsidiary tree above does not represent the institution's complete organizational structure.